Surf Rack, Design and Furniture – Handmade by Surf4Home

Some surfers use to say that our surf rack, snowboard rack and sup rack, are not products, but true works of art!

We thought to SURF4Home remembering the experience of our ancient families of violin-makers, carpenters and engineers.

First of all, the idea was born from the passion for sea and surfing. We started to handcraft surf rack, surf shelf and accessories in our garage with self-made tools.

The first model we made was the Single Fin, thinking to a surf rack model that was a reproduction of the most used fin for this type of classic longboards.

After that, now we can share the success we had with our surf rack by developing a concept, our leitmotiv….let become your objects of passions into piece of furniture!

So, thanks to us the people can transform a surfboard, or a ski, or any other sport tool into a furnishing accessory for their home as our support for surfboard.

Consequently we continue to develope our line of items dedicated to hang boards at home, thinking also to snowboarder, windsurfer, kiters, paddlers and so on

In other words, today we design and handcraft surf rack, freestanding rack, paddle board rack… And even more kite and wake-board rack, snowboard rack and skateboard rack and any other specific solution, real handmade…

So you will see that each creation can be different from each other, guaranteeing the authenticity of our handcrafted products.


Surf4Home produce every kind of surf rack but only using natural components as FSC certified wood and iron. We cut out all ideas related to plastic, plastic pollutes our sea so we have to fight against it.

Surf4Home was born thanks to a truly passion for sport, wood and sea, thanks for supporting us!

In conclusion, in any way you want to display it, with us is possible!