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Premium Small Surf Rack Handmade in Hardwood – Perfect for Surfboard, Snowboard, Kite-Wake and Ski

Minimal (Small) Premium Surf Rack handmade in solid wood – Minimalibu model – Perfect for Shortboard, Longboard, Kiteboard, Wakeboard, Skateboard and Ski.

This special design allow you to hang your board without fins and slightly stick out from the wall!


Premium vertical surf rack in hardwood for shortboard and longboard – “Single Fin” model 4 Hooks

Try our surf rack, ready to hang your board, absolutely nothing to install!

Our racks are perfect for shortboard and longboard and are great to display your beloved board at home or in your store.

The package includes: 2 pairs of premium solid wood rack, 8 screws and stops, authenticity certificate, install instructions and a small surprise for you!


Premium handmade Shabby racks for surfboards and snowboards – “Single Fin”model with shabby chic finish

Our Premium Shabby Racks “Single Fin” model are suitable for those who want to hang any kind of surfboard or snowboard and even skis at home, perfectly fitting with the shabby chic furniture.

Our racks are perfect for shortboard and longboard, and also for your snowboarding, skateboarding, kiteboarding, wakeboarding and your skis, and are great for being on display at home …

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Surf Racks

Surf Racks

Shortboard and Longboard riders

Designed for surfers who want to keep their beloved board at home

Stand Up Paddle Racks

Stand Up Paddle Racks

Stand Up Paddle riders

Designed for suppers who want to keep their beloved paddle together with the board in a unique picture at home

Windsurf Racks

Windsurf Racks

Windsurf riders

For those who want to remember the incredible adventures with their beloved board

Kitesurf Board Wall Rack

Kitesurf & Wakeboard Racks

Kite board racks and Wakeboard racks made of hardwood

Rack for kite board and wake board, for those who want to remember the incredible adventures with their beloved board

Snowboard Rack

Snowboard Racks

Skate & Longskate Racks

Skate & Longskate Racks


Still under construction

Ski Racks

Ski riders

Still under construction

Water Ski Wall Rack for Home

Water-Skiing Racks

Water-Ski Racks made in hardwood

Water-Ski Racks made in hardwood, for those who wants to remember their first Ski

RACE Stand Up Paddle Racks


still under construction

Kayak Racks

Surf4Home Handmade Racks on Etsy

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