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  • Handmade Racks , Horizontal Surf Rack

    Surfboard Racks for Home – Shabby Chic finish

    Surfboard Rack shabby chic finish handmade in hardwood – Minimalibu model – Perfect for Shortboard, Longboard, Kitesurf, Wakeboard, Skateboard, Snowboard and Ski.

    This special design allow you to hang your board on the wall without fins and slightly stick out from the wall (stick out for only 4 inches/9 centimeters) !!!

    Surf4Home special design and hanging system.

  • Handmade Racks , KiteBoard & WakeBoard Racks

    Skateboard Rack “Hang Loose”

    “Hang Loose” Skateboard Rack is the new Surf4Home model also used for Longboard, Snowboard, Woody, Penny, Skimboard, Kitesurf and Wakeboard, handmade with selected multilayer marine yellow pine wood.

  • Handmade Racks , Skate & Longskate

    SurfSkate rack | The Gladiator

    The “Gladiator” is the latest handmade creation from Surf4Home® L@b.

    This skateboard, longboard & surfskate rack is a special support made of selected FCS wood that represents power and guts, the same of the skate riders when facing a downhill at 100 km/h.

    It is the only model that keeps the wheels at the bottom away from the wall !!