Snowboard Rack “Hang Loose” – Handmade in Italy

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Snowboard Rack “Hang Loose” model is the new handmade Surf4Home rack model for Long Skate, Snowboard, Woody, Penny, Skimboard, Kitesurf and Wakeboard, handmade with selected multi-layer marine yellow pine wood.

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Snowboard Rack “Hang Loose” is the new Surf4Home model for Snowboard wall mount storage, Long Skate, Woody, Penny, Skimboard, Kitesurf and Wakeboard.

Do not leave your beloved board hidden, storage and show it on the wall with our special wood snowboard rack and let it become a furniture for your home or your store!

Hang Loose is the Californian renaming of the old Shaka Hand from Hawaii used in the surf culture.

Hawaiian people uses the Shaka to convey the “Aloha Spirit”. A concept of friendship, understanding and solidarity among the various ethnic cultures that reside in Hawaii.

We wanted to pay tribute to this ancient gesture, so we designed a snowboard storage to do that.


First of all, here below the main features of our “Hang Loose” wood snowboard rack:

  • Completely handmade snowboard rack
  • Ultra-Resistant made of selected multilayered Yellow Pine marine wood, can hold every snowboard up to 15 kg
  • Easy to install, only 4 screws and NO VISIBLE HOLE;
  • Realized with special design to better adapt to your home decor;
  • All mounting hardware included.

We laser engrave with our official logo all Surf4Home® racks and proudly handmade all in Italy.

Then we ship certificate of authenticity and a small surprise gadget.

“Hang Loose” Snowboard wall display is always a Surf4Home handmade product, realized with selected multilayer marine yellow pine wood.

In other words, with 4 hidden screws you can easily install your snowboard rack, then the 4 dowels with the 4 screws are included. You can choose the distance between the brackets so it is suitable for every kind of board.

We developed our snowboard storage with smooth and rounded edges to protect your board.
Laser engraved with Surf4Home® logo.

In the end, you can easily check the Size of our snowboard wall mount through looking at the photos in the shop!

Each product can be different from each other, guaranteeing the authenticity of our handcrafted products.

Surf4Home produce every kind of creation but only using wood and iron. We all must be aware that plastic pollutes so we have to fight against it.

Then Surf4Home story is based on a truly passion for sport, wood and sea, thanks for supporting us!

Shaka Hand, stay tuned

Additional information

Weight 1,5 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 6 cm

1 review for Snowboard Rack “Hang Loose” – Handmade in Italy

  1. Collin

    I think this is one of the most beautiful rack I have ever seen, finish is really excellent.
    Good job, cheers

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